2017 Speakers

Shandra Woworuntu

Founder and CEO of Mentari

Shandra Woworuntu is an international advocate and leader in the fight of human trafficking. She founded Mentari to empower survivors of trafficking to reintegrate to the community and live independently, after she escaped from being sold into an underground sex business by an international organized trafficking ring.

Shandra is a commissioner on human trafficking in the state of New Jersey and was appointed by Barack Obama to be the member of First U.S. Advisory Council on human trafficking to the Presidential Integration Task Force. She trains law enforcement, attorneys, social workers, medical practitioners and businesses, and lectures university students across the country and internationally. As a lobbyist, Shandra was testified at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, New York State and also testified at the NYC budget to raise funding for services and lobbied federal or state bills and passed became laws.

Listen to an interview with Shandra on the SPN Podcast.

Shandra Woworuntu's Twitter MentariUSA.org
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