2017 Speakers

Daniel Burka

Design Partner at GV, formerly Google Ventures

Daniel is best known for his work with web groundbreakers like Digg and Mozilla. He and his longtime collaborator Kevin Rose co-founded the mobile incubator Milk, which was acquired by Google. After joining Google, he led mobile user experience for Google+ before becoming a partner at GV. Daniel has spent more than a decade helping startups with product design. He co-founded Canadian web agency Silverorange, where he worked with a broad range of clients including Ning, the Canadian government, Bebo, Revision3, and Mozilla, where he helped design the Firefox brand. Daniel went on to lead the early stage of designs for Digg.com and spent five years as Digg’s creative director. He also co-founded the social network Pownce with Kevin Rose and served as director of design for Tiny Speck, a gaming startup.

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